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2010-2011 CNC Scholarship Recipients

CWA congratulates all of our Scholarship Recipients and supports their continued pursuit in advancing their careers within the WIC Program and thanks General Mills and the Vitamin Cases Consumer Settlement Fund (created as a result of an antitrust class action, one of the purposes of the Fund is to improve the health and nutrition of California consumers) for their donations to make these scholarships possible.

Stefan Harvey Scholarship

  • Kao Ying Mouavangsou, United Health Centers

This special scholarship honors the distinctive achievements of Stefan Harvey, former Director of the WIC Project at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities in Washington, DC. Ms. Harvey, who is a now a CWA Board Member and Assistant Director of the California Center for Public Health Advocacy, led national advocacy for the WIC Program during its first 30 years.

Anne Peterson Memorial Scholarship

  • Eduardo Alaniz, Santa Clara County WIC Program

We dedicate this scholarship to the memory of a beloved WIC state colleague, Anne Peterson, whose unique blend of operational and technical skills combined with her passion for the WIC Program’s mission. Anne really embodied the “heart and soul” of what it means to work in the WIC Program.

General Mills Scholarship

  • May Carole Quinones Bejarano, PHFE
  • Linda Stewart, PHFE

Dietetic Internships

  • Kristin Debevits, American Red Cross WIC
  • My Tu Duong, Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center
  • Vilma Hernandez, Northeast Valley Health Corporation
  • Ian Lloyd, PHFE
  • Anna Louisa Mans, PHFE
  • Jessica Markie, Stanislaus County WIC Program
  • Antonia Martin, Central Valley WIC/United Health Center
  • Tarita Patterson, PHFE
  • Allyson Picou, PHFE
  • Diana Tanus, Northeast Valley Health Corporation
  • Camille Thorsen, Northeast Valley Health Corporation
  • Courtney Williams, North Hollywood WIC

Graduate Students

  • Caridad Aguila, LA BioMed
  • Jennifer Baez, South LA Health Projects
  • Annette Besnilian, Northeast Valley Health Corporation
  • Suzanne Malamud, North East Valley Health Corporation
  • Amanda Nelson, Yolo County WIC Program
  • Erendira Olivas, County of Marin WIC Program

Undergraduate Students

  • Douglas Guevara, LA Biomed/SLAHP
  • Rosario Quintero, Northeast Valley Health Corporation


  • Djuna Blackmon, Alameda County WIC
  • Socorro Castaneda, Santa Clara County WIC Program
  • Cari Dossman, Santa Clara County WIC Program
  • Virginia Fragoso-Lopez, Santa Clara County WIC Program
  • Erin Garcia, Community Medical Centers
  • Brandi Gates, Alameda County WIC
  • Tanzania Grace, FCEOC WIC Program
  • Sarah Martinez, Santa Clara County WIC Program
  • Olivia Perez, Santa Clara County WIC Program
  • Ana Maria Ramirez, Santa Clara County WIC Program
  • Myrna Rosales, Community Medical Centers WIC
  • Celia Sanchez, PHFE
  • Evelyn Sylvester, Sacramento County WIC
  • Diana Torres, Santa Clara County WIC Program


  • Cynthia Marcela-Brana, PHFE
  • Veronica Meza, PHFE
  • Beatriz Ortiz-Delgadillo, LA Biomed/SLAHP