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WIC, Public Health, & Health Care Reform

Health care in the U.S. is changing. Reforms focus on reduced costs, better patient experiences, and improved health outcomes. WIC has had these same goals for decades! Reforms also focus on prevention, an underpinning of WIC. New opportunities for WIC and public health to join efforts are available now and unfolding in the future. In particular, WIC’s breastfeeding support expertise is a resource for partnering with community health centers. The resources on this page are designed to help in these efforts.

Harnessing the Power of WIC

Harnessing the Power of WIC: Advancing California’s Health Reforms

CWA is supporting the WIC staff and agencies in understanding and engaging in CalAIM reforms. Here are related resources. For questions contact Karen Farley, [email protected].

Preventive Nutrition Services: Joining Health Reform with a Low-Cost Approach to Improve Health

We have an historic opportunity in health reform to improve  nutrition access and education by linking services and programs among health providers, health plan administrators, and community organizers.

Perinatal nutritional counseling services for low-income women in California

Nutrition plays a vital role in perinatal and neonatal health and nutritional counseling can enable women to modify behavior through improved diet and nutrition patterns.

Nutrition and Breastfeeding Interventions Under Health Care Reform

With the largest workforce of culturally-competent nutrition and lactation professionals, WIC programs should actively position themselves as key partners in the design and implementation of Preventive Services.

Impacts of Breastfeeding Support, Supplies, and Counseling on Health Insurance Premiums and Costs

An analysis of claims data and an estimate of cost savings for the use of support, supplies, and counseling services, in the Medi-Cal market.


Breastfeeding Support in Medi-Cal: Large Return, Small Investment

An actuarial analysis from CWA and California Breastfeeding Coalition examining costs and projected cost savings for health plans providing breastfeeding support required under the Affordable Care Act.

Breastfeeding Support: Community Clinics and the ACA Requirement

Promoting and supporting breastfeeding is a key opportunity for community health centers to reduce costs while enhancing the health of babies and moms and meeting important requirements of the Affordable Care Act.

Ramping Up for Reform – WIC Breastfeeding Toolkit

RDs and IBCLCs working in WIC and other community settings can tap into opportunities for reimbursable nutrition counseling and lactation support – above and beyond WIC’s brief interventions.

9 Steps to Breastfeeding-Friendly Clinics: Guidelines

Steps, guidelines, and desired outcomes defining community health centers that fully support breastfeeding dyads, from the California Department of Public Health, California Breastfeeding Coalition and CWA.

9 Steps to Breastfeeding Friendly Clinics: Toolkit

Resources and advice from the field to help your health center implement the 9 Steps, developed jointly by CWA and the California Breastfeeding Coalition.