Policy & Advocacy

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Information and tools for WIC advocacy

WIC is California’s largest nutrition and lactation public health workforce, an excellent resource for decision makers as they consider policy that will impact how the needs of local families are met.

California Legislation, Regulations & Policy

Bill monitor reports, Legislator lookup, and more for California.

Federal Legislation, Regulation, & Policy

California WIC engages in WIC education and advocacy at the federal level in Washington DC on an annual basis.

Educate Your Leaders

Learn how to use your voice and expertise to help legislators understand the important work you do.

WIC Facts & Figures

An overview of WIC and its nutritional, social and economic impacts for California and the U.S.

Lactation Advocacy

The California WIC Association addresses the systemic and institutional barriers to breastfeeding and chestfeeding at the policy level.

CWA collaborates with partners to provide voices for breastfeeding families in their communities in Sacramento and in Washington DC.

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Policy - harness the power of WIC

Harnessing the Power of WIC

CWA is advancing California’s health reforms by supporting WIC staff and agencies in understanding and engaging in Cal AIM reforms.