Educate Your Leaders

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Use Your Voice

Federal support for WIC relies on policymakers at all levels understanding its value to constituents. Use your expertise to educate legislators about WIC’s impact and community needs. This is about public education, not lobbying, and every WIC advocate can contribute!

Speaking up for WIC is as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Identify the leaders who need to hear about the benefits of WIC. They could be local elected officials, community leaders, or state and federal legislators.
  2. Make a phone call, send an email, or visit their office to say how WIC benefits families and your community.
  3. Thank your leaders for listening and follow up on any action items.
Educate your leaders
Policy & Advocacy: Educate your Leaders

What can I do right now?

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WIC Employees: Become a WIC Ambassador!

Become a WIC Ambassador to advocate in Sacramento and Washington DC! Join a team representing your Congressional District to educate legislators on WIC’s benefits without lobbying. As an Ambassador, you will:

  • Engage in WIC education efforts locally, statewide, and federally.
  • Cultivate relationships with California’s Congressional and State Assembly/Senate members.
  • Communicate with legislators and staff during critical WIC and CWA advocacy moments.
  • Respond to Action Alerts through emails or calls to legislators and WIC agencies.
  • Attend CWA’s Capitol Visits in Sacramento and NWA’s Leadership Conference in Washington, DC, when feasible.
  • Maintain regular communication with CWA Staff and Legislative Team on advocacy priorities.

Are you interested in becoming a WIC Ambassador? Contact Sarah Diaz.